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Research mobility: Visiting Researchers Programme

Eurac Research has established a Visiting Researchers Programme to foster scientific exchange. The Programme offers professors and researchers from all over the world the opportunity of staying at our research centre as visiting researchers for a predefined period (maximum one year).


Overall conditions

​The Visiting Researchers Programme is exclusively aimed at hosting external researchers (professors, academics etc.). During their stay, visiting researchers hold at least one lecture on their main research topic(s). The lecture can be for internal staff only or open to the public.

Applications can be made throughout the year to the relevant research institute of Eurac Research, i.e. the institute that deals with related research topics. Applicants are required to write a covering letter and enclose their CV. The head of the research institute addressed will check and evaluate the application before forwarding it to Management. Management will finally approve or reject the application based on a letter of support by the Head of institute.

In order to host a visiting researcher, Eurac Research must sign a hosting agreement with the researcher's home organisation (for insurance and administrative reasons). The parties agree, in coordination with the Welcome Office of Eurac Research, whether the agreement is drafted by Eurac Research or by the home institution of the visiting researcher.

NB: Visiting researchers from non-EU countries require a personal residence permit and a work permit. Application procedures can last up to three months. It is therefore essential to file the requests with the relevant authorities well in advance. 

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