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LInfoVis: the project


The LInfoVis project is concerned with developing and implementing different types of visualizations for the numerous language resources that the Institute for Specialised Communication and Multilingualism has created and is working with. By providing a new way to access meaningful and appealing representations of information, visualization has as its goal adding to the value of language resources such as terminological and lexicographic data, corpora and information derived from it.

The project started at the end of 2008 with initial programming efforts and weekly reading group meetings that took place at EURAC. We have now built up a collection of LInfoVis components and prototypes for corpus and text visualization, and are presenting them on conferences and project meetings. We are generally looking for partners from the language and information visualization community interested in working with us on LInfoVis topics.


What is Visualization of Linguistic Information?

  1. The graphical display, primarily on computer monitors, of any kind of information concerning language and its use
  2. It is an important new field in linguistics
  3. Here are several examples of our progra​ms for displaying linguistic information

What can visualization of linguistic information be used for?

  1. To convey information about language data
  2. To provide a way to interact with language data (user interface)
  3. To be an aid to discovering new information about language?​

What are some of the research questions?

  1. What kinds of linguistic information are best suited for visualization?
  2. Which visualization techniques are best suited for linguistic data?
  3. What kinds of uses can most benefit from visualization?
  4. How effective are visualization techniques?

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