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Scientific consulting on terminology issues

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Scientific consulting on terminology issues
01.04.2015 - 31.03.2019
Detailed Description

The Institute for Applied Linguistics of Eurac Research and the Office for Language Issues of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano have strengthened their collaboration by signing a collaboration agreement. The two parties intend to join forces and their complementary expertise to pursue the following objectives: producing high-quality terminology, disseminating correct, clear and coherent legal/administrative terminology, extending the existing collections of German and Italian terminology. The long-term aim of the cooperation consists in raising the awareness of the public concerning the paramount importance of using correct terminology in the fields of law and public administration, and in specialised domains in general.

Language has a great symbolic value in multilingual regions, as it expresses a specific culture, history and affiliation to a social group. In South Tyrol, language rights and usage are important factors for the coexistence and equal dignity of different communities, traditions and languages. For specific historical and political reasons, the local Statute of Autonomy grants all citizens the right to use their native language with the public administration, which is therefore called to work equally in both languages. To make this possible, it needs the appropriate linguistic means. Hence derives the need for a complete set of legal and administrative terminology in South Tyrolean German concerning a vast array of domains (i.e. from town planning to criminal law, traffic law, family law etc.). Especially the legal and administrative terminology in the minority language needs to be correct, coherent, updated, and easily accessible.

In the past, several cooperation projects between the Institute for Applied Linguistics of Eurac Research and the Office for language issues of the Autonomous province of Bolzano have pursued exactly this aim (e.g. the Terkom project aiming at the standardisation of the legal and administrative terminology in South Tyrolean German by a dedicated Terminology Commission, the more recent project aiming at the renewal of the bistro system). The competences and experiences of the two partners are complementary: the provincial office reviews and translates legal and administrative texts aimed at all citizens, while the institute of Eurac Research collects legal and administrative terminology in Italian and German. This makes them ideal partners in a cooperation agreement aimed at optimising translation and terminology work in the legal and administrative domain in South Tyrol.

The cooperation agreement sets forth separate but converging activities for both partners. The Institute for Applied Linguistics is responsible for the elaboration of terminology entries, based on the texts provided by the Office for language issues. The results will be freely accessible via bistro, the online Information System for Legal Terminology in Italian, German and Ladin. The institute of Eurac Research will also provide scientific advice and consultancy concerning specific terminological problems and doubts.
The Office for language issues is responsible for the selection of texts to be terminologically processed at Eurac research and for notifying any need for updates, amendments or further research concerning specific terms. In this way, the cooperation will ensure a constant updating and enlargement of the bilingual repository of legal and administrative terms for South Tyrol.

Ralli Natascia
Chiocchetti Elena
De Camillis Flavia
Kranebitter Klara
Stanizzi Isabella
Autonome Provinz Bozen Südtirol, Anwaltschaft des Landes, Amt für Sprachangelegenheiten
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