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E-Learning Safety at Work

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Translation and terminology work in the domain of occupational health and safety
01.10.2013 - 31.10.2019
Detailed Description

The bilateral agreement between Eurac Research and the Service for prevention and safety (Human resources office) of the Province of Bolzano aims at revising and translating e-learning modules on occupational health and safety German and Italian. The Institute for Applied Linguistics at Eurac Research is in charge of reviewing the original texts provided by the Province and translating them into Italian or German. The revision concerns language, terminology, and content, especially content of legal nature. The modules have been drafted by several partners of the Province in either Italian or German and therefore need to be given a coherent style and terminology as well as a translation before they can be used for training provincial staff on various topics related to safety at work.

A second project phase concerns the elaboration of fully-fledged terminology entries for the publication in the online Information System for Legal Terminology bistro.



Recent changes in Italian legislation (Agreement State-Regions, 26 January 2012) allow courses on occupational health and safety to be held (also) via e-learning. The Province of Bolzano is the first institution in Italy taking advantage of this new possibility. The Service for prevention and safety is therefore collecting existing material from all partners, integrating missing parts and making everything available through an e-learning platform (Copernicus).

In order to provide course participants with high-quality material, the existing modules need to be revised and made coherent in style and terminology. A translation into the other language (Italian or German respectively) is also necessary. The Institute for Applied Linguistics possesses the necessary competences in translation, terminology, and legislation. Consequently, in 2013 Eurac Research and Province signed a convention to work on the e-learning modules and ensure the desired high level of quality.

The Institute for Applied Linguistics also possesses notable expertise in terminology work and harmonisation. The new bistro is definitely the ideal tool to publish and disseminate consistent and high-quality South Tyrolean specialised terminology in the domain of occupational health and safety.

Chiocchetti Elena
De Camillis Flavia
Kranebitter Klara
Ralli Natascia
Stanizzi Isabella
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